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We team with your organization to create an effective online presence tailored to your budget. We keep IT simple.

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Welcome to KB Consulting

Who are we? Owner: Colin McFarlane 139 Rowallen Place Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 613-738-2727

References available on request.

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What do we do?

We Design and Maintain websites with you the customer always in mind, we create what you need. Utilize all web technologies to meet your requirements. We keep the IT work simple for your organization enabling your online vision to become a reality.


We can delivery a website within your timeline. Once we determine what your vision is, we will work with you to ensure that your website is up and running on time and budget.

Why a web site?

Web site presence helps your clients know about your organization. All Web pages are designed with search engine optimization standards in place so that your organization's web site will show up higher in search engine results given the right keyword search.

Where ?

Although we are based in Ottawa we provide solutions world wide just as the web is.

How are projects delivered?

We have over 10 year’s effective project management experience on all sorts of projects always delivering on your schedule time and on your budget. Mediation of all risks identified through effective problem analyses and communication. Fixed Price estimates are available as well as hourly work at a very reasonable rate. We want to partner with you to get you on the web as soon as possible.

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